Laquan Austion

Bringing with him over 12 years experience in the field, Laquan Austion excels at creating and implementing fully-integrated, high impact advocacy and public affairs campaigns. Laquan has worked on some of the most politically-charged issues at the both the state and federal levels.
Prior to starting A4 Strategy Group, Laquan worked for The Prosper Group a digital marketing agency where he helped lead the public affairs practice. His work included leading strategy and design for the company’s portfolio of advocacy clients, private sector companies, and candidates. From positioning and digital content development to implementing targeted paid campaigns and influencer engagement, Laquan is skilled at weaving together the most effective mix of strategies and tactics to move the needle on pressing public issues.
He also led public affairs efforts and helped fight for legislation for one of the world’s largest rideshare companies and has significant experience with big data after serving as Vice President for the world’s largest political communications firm. While there, Laquan helped explore data options that sought to identify where the opioid epidemic might strike next in the US, and design action plan to curb impact.
Laquan lives in Virginia with his wife Alicia and their two daughters Emory and Iris.

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